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Make Hardwood Floors your first choice. If your floors have become dull or need a stain change, hardwood floor refinishing is the best way to give them...


Flooring Repair

Have you been looking for an affordable service for hardwood floor repair? If yes, you have reached just the right place because Hardwood Floors offers one of ...


Pergo Flooring

At Hardwood Floors, we offer Pergo flooring installation services for the discerning customers who want nothing less than the best for their home.


Custom Staining

Do you require good floor refinishing services for your home? Hardwood Flooring provides A-one services of floor refinishing to our customers at prices that...


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Our Motto is, “We Stand On Our Work”. We believe that we cannot be happy unless our customer is happy and our goal is 100% satisfaction. We realize that we cannot always achieve that goal but we will do all that is within our power to do
whatever is humanly possible to make that goal a reality.

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Do You Want to Install New Flooring? We Can Help!

flooring-seattle-waWhen you want to install new flooring, the best place to visit is Hardwood Floors. That is because we:

  • Take all the stress out of your floor installation needs
  • Help you find the perfect flooring for each room in your home
  • Give you floors that last a lifetime

We are committed to installing top quality flooring at an affordable price, and providing the best possible customer service on every project. Our experts guide you through the entire flooring installation job, addressing all your concerns, and educating you so that you make an informed decision. Finishing the installation expertly, we deliver a floor that you enjoy for years to come.

Come to us for exceptional flooring installation services that assure you of 100% satisfaction with the job, optimized functionality from your floor, and maximized returns from your investment.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Repair, and Custom Staining

hardwood-floor-refinishing-seattle-waOur services include hardwood floor refinishing, repair, and custom staining. With time, hardwood floor starts looking dull and worn-out. Such a floor detracts from the beauty of the room and does not send out a flattering impression about the homeowner. However, you cannot always afford new flooring when this happens.

We offer hardwood floor refinishing services as a cost-effective alternative to floor replacement. The hardwood floor refinishing process involves sanding the floor to smooth it, custom staining it to give the wood any desired color, and finally applying a protective top coat.

Thus, hardwood floor refinishing breathes new life into your damaged floor by:

  • Eliminating scratches on it
  • Restoring its lost luster
  • Giving it protection against future damage

Call us for hardwood floor refinishing and utilize your floors to their true potential.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Has Many Benefits

prefinished-hardwood-flooring-seattle-waWe specialize in installing prefinished hardwood flooring. Prefinished hardwood flooring is one on which the sanding, staining and other finishing work is done before it is installed.

Compared to hardwood floor that is finished on-site, the key advantages of prefinished hardwood flooring are:

  • Quicker installation
  • Less mess and noise during installation
  • Better appearance and durability
  • Easy maintenance

The finishing treatments on prefinished hardwood flooring are applied in the factory and so, the applications tend to be more powerful and hard-wearing. Moreover, since we do not conduct any sanding or polyurethane application in your home, our installation of prefinished hardwood flooring causes minimal health issues and other hassles to your family.

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